Technical Support

Som Technologies provides a variety of technical support services primarily for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) clients, encompassing Managed Network, Server, and Cyber Security Services, Agile-based Project Management, 24/7 Help Desk Support, and Co-Managed IT Services. These services are designed to bolster organizational efficiency, enhance cybersecurity, and support internal IT teams with expert knowledge and resources.

What that looks like for Som Technologies
Managed Server Services
Managed Server Services involve a comprehensive approach to handling and maintaining an organization's server infrastructure. These services include setting up and configuring servers, regular monitoring for performance and security, managing updates and patches, and providing data backup and recovery options. The focus is on ensuring that servers are optimized for performance, secure from cyber threats, and reliable for the organization's needs. It encompass proactive maintenance to prevent issues and downtime, and responsive support for troubleshooting and resolving server-related problems. This allows organizations to focus on their core business activities without the need to invest heavily in in-house server management expertise, as the service provider takes on the responsibility of keeping the server environment stable, updated, and secure.
Managed Network Services
Managed Network Services involve outsourcing network management tasks to a specialized provider, encompassing setup, maintenance, and security of an organization's network infrastructure. This service ensures optimized network performance, minimizes downtime, and protects against cyber threats. These services also include continuous network monitoring and proactive troubleshooting to swiftly address issues, ensuring reliable and efficient operation. This approach is beneficial for organizations lacking in-house expertise, offering a cost-effective way to maintain a robust and secure network.
Remote and Onsite Support
At Som Technologies, we provide a comprehensive blend of Remote and Onsite Support services to address a wide range of IT challenges. Our Remote Support involves the use of advanced digital communication and remote desktop tools, allowing me to quickly diagnose and resolve software-related problems from a distance. This method is particularly effective for swift troubleshooting and guidance, offering immediate assistance without the need for physical presence. For situations where remote solutions are insufficient, we also offer Onsite Support. This involves sending our experienced IT professionals directly to a client's location to tackle more complex or hardware-focused issues. This service is crucial for tasks that necessitate physical interaction with the IT infrastructure, like hardware repairs, setting up networks, or addressing intricate technical problems.
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