Professional Services

At Som Technologies, we provide a comprehensive range of IT Professional Services, aimed at aligning technology with our clients’ business goals. Our services encompass IT consultancy, system integration, custom software development, and robust network design and implementation. We focus heavily on cybersecurity, offering extensive security measures and audits, alongside cloud services for efficient data management and migration.

Additionally, we specialize in data analytics and business intelligence to aid our clients in making informed, data-driven decisions. A crucial part of our offerings includes onsite installation and configuration of devices, as well as hardware resell, ensuring that organizations are well-equipped with the necessary tools for their IT infrastructure. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring the continuous, efficient, and effective management of IT systems for our clients.

What that looks like for Som Technologies
App development best practices at Som Technologies start with the premise that we should clearly identify your needs and goals for the app. With a clear direction, it is easy to get lost in the complexity of app development and save considerable time and money. Before starting any major app project, we make sure we have thought through exactly what requirements must be met by your application, who will use it, and how they fit into your overall business strategy. With that information at hand, we can make informed decisions throughout the entire process, including feature sets, technology stacks, testing criteria, and more.
Our designers understand the importance of user experience, usability, and a visually attractive design that people can easily navigate. With years of experience in graphic design and user interface engineering, we will only make the product aesthetically pleasing but also functional, often taking into account users' needs when creating your app designs. By employing creative strategies to combine visual appeal with practical utility, we produce a software product that looks great while meeting your users' expectations.
Developing system infrastructure is an incredibly complex task that requires the utmost skill and precision from developers, and we are up to the task! Our experienced software engineers specialize in taking designs and plans already in place and bringing them to life with product development that pushes boundaries and breaks the rules. Building robust, reliable, and user-friendly applications is our top priority - so you can rest easy knowing your software will be customized to fit your unique needs.
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